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Laundry Detergent


Types of Laundry Detergent:

     Powder: Powdered detergents have a longer shelf life than the others, but don’t dissolve as well as liquid.  Powdered detergent can leave a residue on your clothes. 

     Liquid: Much less likely to leave a residue as powdered detergents, and can be doubled as a spot-treatment. However, liquid is much more bulky and uses more packaging than powdered. It’s also very easy to over use liquid detergent, leaving most consumers having to restock before they should. 

     Pods: Pre-packaged for single washes. These are great for travelling. These also cut down on overusing detergent. Just like powdered detergent, however, laundry pods tend to not dissolve completely during the wash cycle. **Warning! Households with children under 7 years old are encouraged to stay away from laundry pods. As these pods are frequently mistaken for candy.***

Best “Specialty” Laundry Detergent – according to Consumer Reports

     Sports Detergent –  The best detergents for smelly, sweaty gym clothes include: Persil ProClean Power-Liquid 2in1Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release Tide HE Plus Bleach Alternative Tide Pods Plus Febreze and All Mighty Pacs Oxi.  The #1 tip for laundering stinky clothes is to turn your clothes inside out, and DON’T over-detergent.  Adding more detergent than instructed will only leave un-rinsed detergent which in turn will harbor bacteria and create…. more smell!  The less detergent the better.

     Delicate Detergents – Woolite. Hands down Woolite is the best detergent for delicate clothes such as sweaters, knits, and anything that directs you to wash on “delicate”.  Woolite has a much tamer pH level than other laundry detergents. Also, always wash your delicates in cold water on a low spin.

     High Efficiency Detergents – Tide 2X Ultra, All 2X with Oxy Active, Gain Original Fresh HE, Up & Up Fresh Breeze HE, Seventh Generation Natural HE

     Coldwater Detergents – Tide Coldwater Detergent is so far unbeat in its ability to get stains, sweat, and smell out without using hot water. 

     “Green” Detergents – Unfortunately “green” detergents just aren’t as effective as non-green detergents. This has to do with enzymes and pH levels that aren’t found in nature. But there are some promising detergents out there that do OK and are also better for the planet. Legacy of Clean SA8 is the top ranked, followed by Method 8XMrs. Meyer’s Clean DayCaldrea HEand Seventh Generation Natural

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