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Mattress Cleaning


Cleaning your mattress is really quite simple! In a perfect world, this would be done every 6 months. Here are some quick steps to cleaning your mattress:

1. First thing to do with your bare mattress is vacuum it. Using the hose attachment will work just fine. If you suffer from dust allergies, you may want to consider purchasing a specialized mattress vacuum. Yes…. they do exist!

2. Spot treat stains with an ezyme cleaner. Enzymes come from bodily fluid. So anything that works on pet stains will work just fine on these stains. Just spray and blot!

3. Sprinkle the mattress with baking soda to soak up the rest of the stain remover and reduce odors.  Let the baking soda sit on the mattress for 2-24 hours before vacuuming thoroughly.

4. If you have the time and space, let the mattress sit in the sun.  One of the BEST cleaning agents is simple sunlight.

That’s it! The process of cleaning a mattress is simple. Try to get to this every 6 months to maximize the life of your mattress. 

Thank you for reading our “Quick-Read Series” on Mattress Cleaning. Check back for more quick cleaning tips! 
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