Residential Cleaning Services


Typical cleaning services include: stove tops and ranges, garbage disposals, microwaves, counter tops, table tops, stainless steel appliances, sinks, floors, general dusting, trash removal.

Other services we can provide: refrigerators, ovens, light fixtures, silver polishing, cabinets (inside and out), dishes.


Typical cleaning services include: mirrors/vanities, glass shower doors, sinks, counter tops, bathtubs, toilets, trash removal, floors, general dusting.


Other services we can provide: drawers and cabinets (inside and out), removal of mold on shower tiles.


Typical cleaning services include: Bed making, dusting, trash removal, vacuuming.

Other services we can provide: sheet wash and change, organizing.


Typical areas that are dusted: counter tops, table tops, artwork, shelves, low ceiling fans.

Other items we can dust: Blinds and shutters, knick-knacks, light fixtures, chandeliers, soffets,  higher ceiling fans, plants, floorboards.


Typical cleaning services include: Hand mopping any hard floor, vacuuming, moving small furniture and rugs to mop or vacuum under them.

Other services we can provide: Moving larger furniture to mop or vacuum, hand polishing and waxing hard floors, dusting and scrubbing baseboards.

Other services

Typical cleaning services include: Removal of trash in all rooms, front and back door glass cleaning, office and family rooms.

Other services we can provide: baseboard cleaning, organizing, door frame cleaning, stair banister cleaning and polishing, laundry, bed sheet change.

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