Cleaning for You Toilet Bowl

Final Count: 712 Toilets Cleaned and $290.33 Raised!

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From September 7, 2017 – February 4, 2018.

How many toilets can we clean for charity?

Why the “Toilet Bowl?”

Frankly…. because it’s funny!

And people love to take part in silly, fun, and funny things! We are hoping that through our cheeky efforts, we can raise lots of money for local charity.




What is the Toilet Bowl?

Each year, we choose a local housing related non-profit to raise money for. So that those less fortunate can also live in beautiful and safe homes.

It’s simple really…. we clean a toilet, someone donates to the Toilet Bowl!

“So gather all ye’ neighbors, friends, and strangers. Let us clean your toilets for a donation!”

Ways to Give

$5 per toilet OR schedule us for a block of time:

  • 30 minutes for $35
  • 60 minutes for $65
  • 2 hours for $125

100% of proceeds will be donated to Greccio Housing


Who Benefits?

Greccio Housing is our chosen beneficiary for this season. 100% of the Toilet Bowl proceeds will be donated directly to Greccio Housing.

Greccio Housing’s mission is to provide stable, safe, affordable housing, and to create supportive opportunities and services for residents to enhance their individual growth. To learn more about Greccio Housing, please visit their website: HERE

Cleaning for You Toilet Bowl


Making your porcelain throne shine for charity. Call us to schedule your toilet cleaning or to make a donation.